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The rates include:

  • Unlimited mileage (unless otherwise specified)
  • Airport/railway taxes, road tax (car fee)
  • Liability insurance: maximum €7,290,000
  • Coverage (CDW) Collision Damage Waiver (see penalty table)
  • Coverage (FTP) Fire protection and anti-theft (see sanctions table)
  • Roadside assistance (only available in Italy) *
  • Shuttle service to and from airports (for more information:
  • Preparation of the vehicle
  • Registration fees
  • VAT


Car Group FilorentA/B/B1/C/DF/S/S1/J/J1U/u1
DAMAGES€ 1600€ 1600€ 1600
THEFT/FIRE€ 2200€ 2200€ 2200

Rates do not include:

  • Total elimination of penalties for damage, theft or fire (for more information on our damage policy download the damage table from our website or request it directly from our rental offices).
  • Fuel
  • Refueling service
  • Fines, extras, surcharges for additional services related to fines
  • Tolls, parking lots and any penalties or charges imposed by the authorities, entities concessionary to the circulation of the vehicle.
  • CAR PROTECTION: elimination of penalties for damage, reduction of the penalty for theft or fire of the car. Cost varies depending on the rental vehicle. (See table below). Please note that in case of theft or fire of the vehicle in Puglia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily, the coverage “Car Protection” (CP) does not completely eliminate the contractual liability of the customer who remains obliged to pay a residual variable penalty equal to:
    € 500,00 + full fuel in case of total/partial theft or fire for all car groups.

CAR PROTECTION (CP) does not include:

  • Glass and tyres;
  • Roof and/or soft;
  • Mechanical damage caused by the driver;
  • Damage during maritime transport;
  • Incorrect or impure supply;
  • Frozen fuel;
  • Underlying parts of the vehicle;
  • Locks for doors;
  • all vehicle interior parts and accessories;
  • Loss of vehicle keys;
  • Scratches from vegetation;
  • Loss of the plate;
  • Damage caused by intent or gross negligence;
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Roadside assistance/Roadside assistance: Roadside assistance in the event of an active and/or passive accident, in addition to assistance resulting from a breakdown or technical standstill of the rented vehicle (see “Roadside assistance” section).
  • Anything not expressly included.

In case of damage or as a result of theft or fire of the vehicle will be charged administrative costs of practical management, equal to € 50 , in all cases except the following:

  • The customer has signed Car Protection (CP) and the damage is related to the parts of the car covered by the aforementioned cover;
  • The damage attributable to the customer does not exceed € 50 (see the damage table for more
  • The damage is the result of an active complaint (documented by CAI and/or complaint with double signature).


CP- Car Protection € 18 € 18 € 18
Road Assistance € 3 € 3 € 3
Costi giornalieri IVA inclusa (max applicabile 10 giorni).


Filorent requires a security deposit on the customer’s credit card in order to cover any additional costs arising from the individual rental. The amount of the security deposit will be reserved on the credit card limit and not charged. If the rental is not prepaid, the full rental price will be reserved on the customer’s credit card in addition to the deposit.

minimum deposit amounts

Additional services

  • Additional drivers: € 7/ day for single driver; maximum 2. Applicable max 10 days
  • Young driver (19-24): € 7/ day, maximum applicable 10 days.
  • Senior Driver(80-85): € 7/ day, maximum applicable 10 days
  • PRIORITY CHECK-OUT: € 15; once the reservation is confirmed, the customer will receive a form to fill out regarding privacy, along with his/her documents and send back by email; the rental agreement will be ready once the customer arrives for signing.
  • AFTER HOURS Delivery € 55 / pick up outside office opening hours for every hour or fraction of time, however after confirmation by Filorent staff. (For more information see the section “Reservations”).
  • Roadside assistance: EUR 3 per day, maximum applicable 10 days
  • Babyseat ( 0-36 kg) available on request: € 25
  • Upgrade car category: € 7 per day for single category of superior car.
  • WIFI BOX: on request € 7/day; maximum 10 days
  • In case of theft and/ or loss and/ or damage to the WI-FI, a penalty of € 100.00 will be charged.
  • It is understood that the customer remains obliged to issue a complete statement of the accident to be delivered to the return office of the car. In case of cable loss, loss of GPS port bag, loss of windshield holder, the charge shown in the damage table will be made for each lost item. Refueling service: € 35.00 (normally cars have full fuel at the time of rental and must be returned in the same state, otherwise the refueling service will be charged in addition to the cost of missing fuel)
  • Snow chains: € 20. However, snow chains are free in the periods covered by the Snow Ordinance
  • Change invoice header after issue: € 12 per application.
  • No Credit Card fee: € 13.00 per day*(payment methods)*


For the duration of the rental period, as agreed with Filorent, it is possible to take advantage of an assistance service at no extra cost, in case of breakdown or technical stoppage of the rented vehicle, which does not allow to safely continue the journey. The support service will not be available free of charge and additional fees will be charged for the service provided. If the breakdown or technical stoppage of the rented vehicle is caused by:

  • Incorrect or impure supply
  • Running out of fuel
  • Key breakage and/or loss
  • Puncture and/or damage to tyres
  • Battery fault attributable to the driver
  • Frozen fuel
  • For any event related to the driver

To use the Support service you must contact the telephone number of the rental contract and follow the instructions that will be provided by the operations center, which may require you to advance the cost of some services that will be reimbursed, on presentation of the relevant supporting documents. The refund request together with the supporting documents can be sent to Filorent customer service directly from the website or by email to the following address:


With the limits imposed by the specific payment instrument:

  • Credit cards accepted: Mastercard, VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  • debit cards *
  • cash and cheques are not accepted
    The card must be presented as a guarantee when the rental contract is issued at

cover any costs arising from individual rental. In the absence of a card it will not be possible to conclude the rental contract and the delivery of the car.

In addition, a fundamental condition for the delivery of the car is the availability on the card of a sufficient ceiling to cover the amount that will be collected/ blocked at the time of the conclusion of the rental contract.
In the case of prepaid reservations, if the customer does not have sufficient limits on the card to cover the amount that will be blocked as a deposit, or in the presence of any other conditions that hinder the rental, the car will not be delivered and the customer will not be entitled to any refund.

* Customers who choose to use a debit card must present a return ticket when picking up the vehicle. Debit card customers can choose from the following 2 options:

1: Purchase of Car Protection and reduced deposit according to the deposit table. In this case the amount due at the beginning of the lease is the sum of the following elements:

  • Cost of the rental
  • Car Protection Cover (CP)
  • Depositt (depending on vehicle type)
  • Purchase of CAR PROTECTION (CP)
  • leave a security deposit as per car group

A/B/B1/C/D/ F/F1/S/S1/J/J1 € 200,00
U/U2/U1 € 400,00

2: Addition of No Credit Card Fee with deposit of € 500.00. The deposit will be charged to the debit card and will be refunded within 7 working days from the end of the rental by bank transfer. The customer remains responsible for the damage/theft penalties as per table.

In all cases, the delivery of the car remains at the discretion of the desk employee

Minimum and maximum rental period

The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours) from the moment of collection of the vehicle by the driver. Rentals of less than 24 hours will be treated as one day’s rent. The maximum duration of the rental is 30 days; after this period a new reservation will be required.

Driving license and minimum/ maximum age

The driving licence:

  •  must always be displayed in the original;
  • must be valid at the time of collection of the vehicle and with expiration after the expected return of the same;
  • must have been issued for at least one year at the time of withdrawal.
  • must not be abrasive or deteriorated to an unreadable degree;
  • does not include corrections unless authenticated by a stamp issued by the issuing authorities;
  • must not have a signature or photograph other than that of the customer;
  • for driving in Italy, all driving licences issued by a European Union country are valid; they must always be accompanied by a valid identity document;
  • licences issued in non-European countries that have signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic are also valid, provided that they are accompanied by certified Latin translations (if necessary) and a valid identity document;
  • for driving licences issued in countries outside the European Union and which have not signed the Vienna Convention, the customer must show, together with his licence, the international driving permit, also in regular validity;
  • In general, licenses written in non-Latin characters (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc…) must be translated into Latin characters by the Embassy or Consulate;
  • military licenses, photocopies of the license will not be accepted under any circumstances,
  • substitute statements (agencies, etc.).

However, provisional driving licenses issued by the police headquarters, valid on the date of collection of the vehicle, bearing the driver’s photo and authorized by a police officer, are accepted.
Minimum age: 25 years, at no extra cost, for the rental of all groups of cars. However, drivers between the ages of 19 and 24 are allowed to rent vehicles in groups A/B/B1/C/D, upon payment of the supplement for young drivers.
• Maximum age: 79 years (completed). Drivers between the ages of 80 and 85 are allowed to rent vehicles of groups A/B/B1/C/D, subject to payment of the Senior Driver fee.


Vehicles can be driven within the member countries of the European community, in addition to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Vatican City, San Marino, Andorra and Monaco

• Vehicles may not operate in all non-EU countries and in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Multe, mancato pagamento dei pedaggi autostradali e biglietti di parcheggio

The customer will be informed of all contraventions and violations of the highway code, as well as non-payments of motorway tolls and/ or parking tickets occurred during the rental period. In addition, the customer will be charged a handling fee directly on the credit card of € 50 for each individual fine and/ or non-payment highway toll and/ or parking ticket.
For further information, please contact the Fines Office at: or send a registered letter to


Any booking can be cancelled within 24 hours of the date and time of collection at no cost. The vehicle is guaranteed for 2 hours after the scheduled pick-up time, but in any case no later than the office closing time (plus one hour in case of bookings with extra “overtime” included).
In case it is not possible to make the security lock on the customer’s card for any reason, the rental will not be possible and the reservation will be cancelled. Any changes requested by the Customer regarding the rental are subject to availability and must be agreed with the Filorent Booking Office by writing to

Reservations are accepted according to the car group selected by the customer. Vehicle assignment will be subject to availability. In case of unavailability of the vehicles of the car group booked by the customer, Filorent reserves the right to replace it with a similar category or higher free of charge. The remaining liability and the security deposit will be those of the car group actually delivered. In case of absolute unavailability, the only obligation of Filorent will be to return to the customer what collected up to that time. Any refund requests must be sent to Refunds will be made by crediting the card used to pay for the rental.
Airport Offices: In the event of an air flight delay (if the flight number and airline name were provided at the time of booking), Filorent will wait for the customer to pick up the vehicle until the new estimated time of arrival of the flight + 45 minutes, but in any case no later than the closing time of the office (plus an hour in case of reservations with extra “overtime” included). After this time the reservation will be considered as “No Show” and will be cancelled.

All costs are expressed with 22% VAT included.
Unused rental days are non-refundable.

The General Conditions and Rental Details apply to all matters not expressly provided herein.